Saturday, October 22, 2005

First Amendment Buzz


Panel focuses on censorship of music lyrics

Experts participate as part of Freedom of Speech Week

BSU Daily News

"Four out of 10 Americans feel that music should be censored, a First Amendment scholar and Ball State University alumnus said on Thursday during a panel discussion."

Free Speech In School

WHAM (Channel 13 - Rochester, New York)<>

"The Brighton School District is considering training its staff on the first amendment after an incident involving a student wearing a political button."


"Rebecca Braiman-Dewey recently wore anti-Bush buttons to school. She said a teacher's aide told her to take them off because they were disrupting the learning environment."

Censoring Art or Protecting Workers?

Inside Higher Ed

"The charcoal drawing called “Hermaphrodite,” which hangs in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center at the University of Michigan at Flint, is accurately named."


"University officials ordered the drawing removed, saying that it was creating a hostile work environment for an employee who complained about it."

FRC Supports Obscenity Laws

Pat Trueman, Senior Legal Counsel for Family Research Council, Encourages Tough, Constitutional Boundaries on Obscenity

PR Newswire

"Pornography distributors argued their case before a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday. California-based Extreme Associates Inc. and its owners, Robert Zicari and wife, Janet Romano, had been indicted for distributing videos that depicted women being raped and having their throats slit."


The Family Room: Censorship will not save kids

Windsor Tribune


"The last week of September was national Banned Book Week. The library encourages us to read banned books. I encourage my kids to do the same. I don't understand broad censorship in any form, but especially in books."

Whose Speech Is Free?

Washington Post

By Michael Kinsley


"An exemption for journalists from the basic duty of a citizen to cooperate with law enforcement is supposed to encourage troublemakers who want to speak truth to power. But Miller was being used by people in power in a secret campaign to undermine a troublemaker."

Defending CU Professor Ward Churchill's Free Speech Rights

Hawaii Reporter

By Charles Mitchell


"All of us at FIRE appreciate shedding light on what looks to be a terrible case at DePaul. But their statement regarding our stance on the Churchill matter is simply not correct. Far from denouncing Churchill, FIRE wrote to UC in support of his free speech rights (without endorsing or condemning the actual content of his speech)."

Editorial: Free speech costing more than expected

Delco Daily Times via Zwire

"Two familiar faces in Delaware County political circles have emerged as players in a national political story. Former Delaware County Council chairman Wallace H. Nunn, the Drexel Hill Republican, and Media Mayor Bob McMahon, a Democrat, are among the plaintiffs suing the former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, the United States senator from Massachusetts, and his Pennsylvania campaign manager, Anthony Podesta."


Coulter Calls for 'Repression of Free Speech', Florida Republicans Applaud!

'Not a big fan of the First Amendment', Says GOP Poster Girl

Brad Blog

Blogged by Brad on 10/21/2005 @ 2:04pm PT...


"According to an article in today's Independent Florida Alligator, Coulter -- who makes her living, in no small part, by enjoying her Free Speech rights under the First Amendment -- pleased the rabid attendees by denigrating the U.S. Constitution..."


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