Saturday, April 23, 2005

Put Erotica in the Library

David Brooks wrote in a recent New York Times Editorial (Public Hedonism and Private Restraint):

"You could get the impression that America's young people are leading lives of Caligulan hedonism. You could give credence to all those parental scare stories about oral sex parties at bar mitzvahs and junior high school dances. You could worry about hookups, friends with benefits, and the rampant spread of casual, transactional sexuality.

But it turns out you'd be wrong."

It turns out that Teen pregnancy, birth and abortion rates have all declined over the last 15 years. Teens are waiting longer to have sex and are having fewer sex partners than before. All of this despite the fact that we have heard a steady drumbeat of hysteria that Sex Education, Pornography, Sexual Imagery on TV and in books are all going to cause our children to engage in recreational sex with hoards of other teens.

This is good news for libraries. As it becomes more obvious that the simple viewing of sexually oriented material does not necessarily lead to increased sexual activity, we can perhaps start improving a part of our collection that has been woefully neglected. We can, at the very least, start a conversation now that will help identify what would best meet those needs

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dictionaries aren't that expensive

I just sent the following letter to Universal Studios. What amazes me is that it made it through all sorts of editing, focus groups, and whatever the hell else they send that shit through.

Universal Studios:

I recently saw your commerical, you know, the one that has Frankenstein's monster painting the toenails of the woman. The commerical wasn't anything remarkable, just your average bland fare designed to mildly entertain without offending. However, at the very end, you tacked on the message: "Attention Workaholics. Prepare to fall off the wagon." I'm not quite sure how to tell you this, but if a workaholic were to fall off the way, they'd go back to work. Sorta like when an alcoholic falls of the wagon, he starts drinking again?




Thursday, April 14, 2005


I have tried being nice. I have tried to accomdating. I have had enough. I am tired of the constant drumbeat of whining and deceit from the Right and the pseudo-Left. It is time for ALL of us to enjoy the benefits of citizenship, freedom, liberty and equality.